Thursday, 12 January 2012

Arduino | what is arduino

What is Arduino? ! Arduino is the product of  electronic boards and devices for your computer system under the line of Arduino Ethernet, Arduino Fio , Arduino Ethernet Shield R3 , Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino, Wireless SD Card Shield, 5V FTDI Basic USB to Serial Converter, Ardumoto V2 Shield, ArduPilot UAV Board, Arduino Uno R3 and many more !

Arduino product line is very reliable, updated and very professional for your business and working environment with reasonable price also any special order form your side is accepted with a delivery to your door step. 


  1. The question is not answered by the above post.

  2. The Arduino is a small electronic circuit board, often called a "microcontroller". With beginner's knowledge of the C language and electronics, you can program the Arduino to operate interesting devices such as lights, small motors, and basic robotics.

    There are other microcontrollers for sale, but Arduino is by far the most popular. It costs around $30, and you will need some small electronics components (resistors, LEDs, diodes, etc.) to get started. Go to the Arduino site for information before you buy anything. If you have ever wanted your computer to connect with more than your printer, Arduino is currently the best place to start.

    There are other models of microcontrollers available, but most are needlessly complicated. The Arduino is the only truly user-friendly brand and currently the most popular model is the Arduino UNO. You create a program on your computer, then use a USB cable to upload that program to the Arduino. You can then disconnect the USB and the Arduino will continue to run your program as long as it has its own electric power. Anyone interested in Robotics must master this process so my advice is that you start by learning the Arduino.

    There are countless interesting examples of the Arduino on the Internet and more appear every month as the Arduino gains popularity over its more expensive and often ridiculous competitors. The Arduino is the first practical microcontroller affordable at street level. The Broward Robotics Club predicts the next major American invention after the airplane and the computer will be a result of the Arduino.

    1. yes your answer is also correct.

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